Wishing my life away (not)

Following up from my last, Killzone3—what a blast. Just the game to keep me amused while the icy days drifted past.

I checked in on the official MotoGP site a number of times (already turning my thoughts to next season), man-alive, what stonking good-looking bikes we have this year. I’m more one for thrills than frills, but jeez—Louise, the Repsol Hondas look slick and the Yamahas in their new Monster energy drinks livery are cool as a cucumber wearing ray bans–with ‘I hate gherkins’ tattooed on its arm.

Nitro-jack-hammer machines one and all.

Mouth-watering battles to look forward to next season: the return of Rossi to Yamaha, I think he may struggle against Lorenzo now, Dovi v Nicky on the dukes, two hard riders, and the battle of Britain, Bradders v Cal. The Honda battle may take some warming up, but I won’t be surprised if Marquez puts the frighteners on everyone.

Okay, I often say to those who, “Can’t wait” for such and such, ‘Don’t wish your life away, but this season, p—lease fast-forward me to April.

Bit tied up at the moment to get into any real poker play, now that mad-January is over, but I will be dipping in and out when I get a spare couple of hours. With any luck, I shall be able to properly hit the table later in the month.

Good luck at the tables