The most sensible thing I did was to take a break

I don’t want to get all girlie and start talking about my feelings… but it’s hard to explain otherwise. I’ve been edgy — you know, ready to jump at a loud bang — quick to take on an overly aggressive donk who wants to buy every pot – not always a profitable way to play poker.

I can’t think what started it off, but when I noticed I was doing it, man-alive, it felt like I couldn’t stop ripping over the top and challenging: come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.smiley Okay, the strategy worked out enough times that I wasn’t crying into my beer at the end of the day, but neither did it make me any money.

The most sensible thing I did was to take a break for the last week of April— reset the reality switch and look forward to a better May.

Several hours of motorsport had T and I riveted to our seats… or at least the MotoGp did, the less said about F1 the better. Squillions of pounds spent on development to gain a tenth of a second here or there—and then lumber the cars with economy tyres and the drivers with team orders… pah.

Erm, I’m not 100% sure my edgy thing has quite gone. Must be time to corrupt an Abraham Lincoln quote.

You can beat some of the donks all the time, and all of the donks some of the time, but you can’t beat all of the donk all of the time.

I guess if I read that statement closely, it won’t stand up to reason… so I won’t.

Good luck at the tables