Mayan Calendar +1

My first blog of 2017 or Mayan Calendar +1 as I like to think of it.

The fact that we are all still here did nothing but prove whomever made the calculations in Maya-land, just went that far, then said, ‘F**k it, I won’t be around in two thousand years, let someone else finish it.’

Last year ended well for me scoring some good dollars in an O8 MTT, breaking a spell of non-cashes and keeping me well back in the black on the year.

Today, being the day many people were trudging their way back after the break, T and I were out walking the dog. Under damp skies, we cut across the fields, out through the farm, up the hill and back home along the main road.

‘Look at that,’ I said, as we came to the traffic lights and a queue of cars forming, each one of them either silver or grey, ‘even the cars look miserable.’

If you were in one of them or in another such queue, you have my sympathy.

As for me, the draw of poker is not tempting enough to get me to add my chips to the pot during the silly-season, where every donk and their dog decides to start the year off with a bang. Maybe if I get really bored I will test the water in some low level cash games, but I have Killzone 3 to keep me busy for a while yet.