Hard Graft

y run of months in profit had to come to an end at some point, and November was that point.

Cash tables returned somewhere around even, within a few dollars, but I took a hit in the tourneys I played, cashing rarely.

One hand made me laugh though: I’d sat through a manic opening hour, witnessing some ambitious, opening raises and even more amazing pre-flop calling—picking up what I could.

By about three hours in, looking at the bubble still thirty places away, holding an average stack I was dealt AA, made a healthy raise, (multiple callers) and flopped set on and board AQ4, two clubs.

Not wanting to gift the flush or straight, I bet the pot and was called again by three players.

Now, I’m thinking, pair the board, and thank my poker stars, the dealer promptly obliged with a Qc on the turn.

Oh deep joy all my Christmases come at once, it gives me the nut House and puts a big bold flush for someone else to bet into.

One player bets small, quarter pot, I min raise, the third plays shoves, the forth folds. We both call. Cards flip over, my AA, the other caller has Kc10c, and the bugger who’d shoved… yep QQ.


Poker can be a cruel bitch some days.

Good luck at the tables