Back in the swing of it

Back after my January sabbatical and on to the cash tables, as well as dodging terrorist bullets (that’s not an analogy for donkeys with rag aces btw—though I guess it could be

I like to wake up first thing with a half-hour or so on the PlayStation, and have recently spent most mornings as a member of the ‘Rainbow Six’ squad, in the pretend Las Vegas casinos before hitting the imaginary tables in the online poker ones… And let’s just say it’s lucky I am not part of any real Special Ops team, ’cause I wouldn’t last long.

Even though I know I doesn’t matter if I ‘die’ in the PlayStation world, I still creep around, looking for cover and grimacing when I get shot (regularly). Carrying that thought through to the poker tables, I had a few mungling days… er ‘mungling’ isn’t liked by spell checker. As I know it: mungle – is what I do, a variable mix of whining and moaning and general despairing of ill-fortune bestowed, whenever I’m overtaken in a hand, or shot dead.

Despite a few beats, the month went well—and gets me in the mood the play a few tourneys next month. Seems overly precise, I know, but at least having a plan (even if it doesn’t always work out) is better for me than having none. Targets are fine—x-dollars in y-days—and fortunately the necessary ones for me are relatively low, so to keep me focused planned playing days/hours suit me fine.

Counting down the days to the start of F1 and then Moto GP while keeping tabs on cricket around the world, life is hard… but too hard.

However you do it, whether planning your playing hours or hitting the tables at random—have fun.