Apart From

Apart from a several of deep cashes in MTT’s and moderate gains from cash tables (that’s the boring bit out of the way).

And apart from cheering on so many brilliant races in all three MotoGP classes.

And apart from seeing a grown man wearing a Superman T-shirt around our local supermarket and it not only looking normal, but well-cool (can’t think the same if it was Spiderman or the wombles T-shirt), apart from that…

I got some new under-crackers. Not the most exciting announcement—unless you are an aficionado of the social media sights where, “I’ve just had a Mars bar, Mmm Mm” seems to be the highlight of someone’s day—but here’s the thing that got me giggling like a school girl.

All I wanted was a few new pairs of skidders. Boxers is my choice. Went to the shop—to the mens underwear section and found a range of… ‘Stay-Fresh’ pants. I got a few looks from the staff when I said to T, ‘Hey look, Stay-Fresh, thank goodness they got them otherwise I may have bought ones for Sweaty-bollocks.’

Good luck at the tables